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  • Innovating

    Innovating is baked into our thinking, our serving clients, and our methods for seeking and establishing positive client outcomes. This approach allows us to learn and be excited - to have fire in our hearts and soul. It also allows Keeling Law Offices to delight our clients with innovative best-of-class solutions that fit their needs, schedule, and budget.
  • Protecting

    Protecting involves strategy and tactics. We organize each client’s solutions around known implementation strategies. Together, these strategies, tactics, and artifacts allow Keeling Law Offices to implement our client’s best-of-class solutions while fitting within available schedule and budget.
  • Preserving

    Preserving outcomes that are valuable to our clients. Often our preservation strategies, tactics, and artifacts are transactional in nature. They can involve third parties such as trustees, conservators and the courts. In certain situations mediation and arbitration are helpful preservation tools.

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  • Adoption and Inheritance


    Did you know your adoption may still allow you to inherit from your natural parent? Learn your options and rights. Don’t be a pawn to misinformation.

  • Long-Term Care: Who-What-When-Why-How


    WHO should purchase long term care insurance? Everybody should have a policy to defray the costs of long term care WHAT happens if you don’t purchase long term care insurance? You spend your legacy on long term care. WHEN should you purchase long term care insurance? When you are eligible and can afford the insurance. […]

  • Estate Questionnaire


    What is estate planning and what does it mean to you? In summary, it is your plan to protect your assets during your life. Additionally, should the unthinkable happen and you are unable to speak for yourself how would you protect and preserve your interests?  Estate planning provides for these things as well, including specifically expressed […]


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