Healthcare Power of Attorney, Your Wishes, Your Compass

Did you know your health care power of attorney is an opportunity to document your specific wishes for quality of life such as your preferred medical, social, psychological and spiritual needs. Rate and explain the following in importance to your health care agent (decision maker).

Independence and Safety: Allowed to do as much as possible versus regular monitoring.

Social: Location to family and friends and frequency of visitors.

Religious: Attend church; community support; studies.

Outside Activities: Gardening, bird watching, walking, bicycling, hiking, swimming, fishing, golf, racquetball, scuba diving.

Hobbies: Chess, checkers, sewing, crafts, reading, movies, shows, symphony, opera, theater.

Sports: Archery, lawn bowling, table tennis, badminton, tennis, bocce, rumba.

Entertainment: Watching sports: at home or going to a game, wine tasting, dining, happy hour, music, sightseeing.

Medical Care: Preferred physician, preferred hospital, preferred treatment, comfort care, orthopedic surgeon, list of allergies and medications, insurance, long term care, rehabilitation after surgery or event, mental health care.

This article is intended to generally inform the reader – but not as specific recommendation for any client. Always consult an attorney for help in making the right decision for you.
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