Top 5 Mistakes When Buying Telecom Services


Negotiate – After your telecom services RFP! Whether you are new to procurement or can draft requests for proposals (RFPs) in your sleep, you may be making costly mistakes by not negotiating after obtaining proposals. The purpose of a RFP is to outline your requirements for a product or service and solicit competitive offers. The process […]


Business Entity Forms


Business Formations In addition to corporations, several other forms of business associations are available.  They include sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership, joint venture, limited liability partnership, and limited liability company. Depending on your particular needs, typically, careful selection from among the below business associations  forms a basis for a superior environment in which to operate your […]


Better Elevator Pitch


Deliver with relaxed passion. Introduce yourself, name the problem. Confidently broadcast…you know exactly what you’re doing. Know your pitch. Say why they should care. What’s your point…explain benefits…what you provide them. Their best solution is your company. Call them to action. State your goals…say exactly what you need from them. Raising money—how much—for what return. Make joining […]


Long-Term Care: Who-What-When-Why-How


WHO should purchase long term care insurance? Everybody should have a policy to defray the costs of long term care WHAT happens if you don’t purchase long term care insurance? You spend your legacy on long term care. WHEN should you purchase long term care insurance? When you are eligible and can afford the insurance. […]


Estate Questionnaire


What is estate planning and what does it mean to you? In summary, it is your plan to protect your assets during your life. Additionally, should the unthinkable happen and you are unable to speak for yourself how would you protect and preserve your interests?  Estate planning provides for these things as well, including specifically expressed […]


Example Licensing Structures


The following licensing structures and their general descriptors are intended to generally inform the reader–but not as specific recommendation for any client. Always consult an attorney for help in making the right decision for you. Annual Fixed Payments.  Is a clause of a licensing agreement requiring an annual cash payment during the term of the license.  Consider when there is no […]


Risk Management


How do you manage risky behavior and protecting your legacy from lawsuits? Can you actively manage your risk, while working towards your life goals? Some manage their risk of loss with insurance. While some of you manage risk of loss by just working hard, saving ten percent of all earnings and not overextending yourself. Life […]