Business Law

Business persons are challenged with many issues—some legal in nature—and some critical in time and place. We listen and support our business clients, formulating strategies for overcoming those challenges. We guide you through many complexities that occur during your business formation, operations, and major transitions. We help you make legally informed decisions that promote growth while managing and mitigating risk.

Trust Keeling Law Offices to listen and provide seasoned legal advice that is focused to your needs. We provide a free initial consult to ensure we understand your issues, specific needs while best positioning to provide you professional advice.

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Business Law Clients


  • Conceptualizing complex initiatives
  • Teaming concepts and agreements
  • Funding and procurement needs
  • M&A strategies and means
  • Equity/debt blends
  • Liquidity events
  • Leveraging regulatory and policy frameworks
  • Leveraging global standards
  • Creating local entities in multiple countries
  • Harvesting complex technical initiatives


  • Business startups—types of organizational entities
    • CA Corporations/LLCs—starting a business in CA
    • Nonprofits
  • Operating agreements—with conflict resolution means
  • Non-compete and non-disclosure agreements
  • Risk managing within organizational structures
  • Risk managing when negotiating deals
  • Risk managing partner conflict
  • Transaction-based contracts—with remedies


  • Shareholder value
  • Management flexibility
  • Asset preservation