Legally informed decisions that promote growth while managing and mitigating cyber-risks

Cyber-security providers and users are challenged with many issues—some legal in nature—some critical in time and place—all specialized and unique to your cyber-risks. We listen and support our cyber-clients, formulating strategies for overcoming those challenges. We guide you through many complexities of defining and deploying cyber-risk mitigation and assignment solutions. If your needs center on defining and managing cyber-risks or their underlying regulatory issues—Keeling Law Offices can help you make legally informed decisions that promote risk-adjusted growth while managing and mitigating cyber-risk.

Trust Keeling Law Offices to listen and provide seasoned legal advice that is focused to your cyber-needs. We provide a free initial consult to ensure we understand your issues, specific needs while best positioning to provide you professional advice.


  • Devising Cyber-risk Informed Solutions
    • Specifying/negotiating Cyber-services
    • Leveraging strategies/aggregation strategies
    • Regulatory compliance
  • Cyber-insurance Solutions
    • Protecting your intellectual property
    • Validity/value of intellectual property of others
    • Licensing issues/negotiations
    • Leveraging content within multiple delivery/pay channels
    • Leveraging Internet/mobility attributes and freedoms
  • Cyber-risk Provider Solutions
    • Hiring breach analysts
    • Rebuilding compromised security systems
    • Notifying potentially harmed parties required under state and federal law
    • Legal costs
    • Ongoing credit monitoring of affected parties
    • Federal and state fines and penalties for breaching rules and regulations
  • Minimizing Cyber-insurance Exclusions
    • Breaches of protected information in paper files
    • Claims brought by the government or regulators
    • Vicarious liability, for data entrusted to a third-party vendor, when the breach occurs on the vendor’s system
    • Unencrypted data
    • Failure to use their best efforts to install software updates or releases.
    • Failure to apply security patches to computer systems
    • Expenses for first-party notification, which result from, “disclosure of personally identifiable, confidential corporate, or personal health information.”


  • Enabling Transactional Means
    • Contracts with remedies
    • Dispute resolution
  • Defining Regulatory Certification/Compliance Means
    • Regulatory approvals
    • Regulatory proceedings
  • Implementing Legal Safe-Guards
    • Service Provider Breach Costs of security breach caused by a third party service provider, such as software-as-a-service (“SAAS”), platform-as-a-service (“PAAS”) or other “cloud” provider
    • Third-party network security and privacy liability
    • Third-party employee privacy liability
    • Third-party electronic media liability


  • Reviewing Critical Cyber-Issues In A Changing Environment
    • Business/legal landscape
    • Regulatory limits and opportunities
    • Cyber-risk indemnifying opportunities
  • Reinforcing User-Level Transactions
    • Network-risk reduced transactions
    • Cloud SAAS provider safeguards
    • End user envelopes
  • Litigation—if necessary
    • Compliance
    • Transactions
    • Cyber-rights
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