IP Law

Intellectual property (IP) builds value when planned, executed, and maintained with care. Our experienced lawyers support individuals, small businesses, technology start-ups, and established companies—with strategies and tactics that build IP value.

Trust Keeling Law Offices to listen and provide seasoned legal advice that is focused to your needs. We provide a free initial consult to ensure we understand your issues, specific needs while best positioning to provide you professional advice.

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  • Creating intellectual property (IP) rights
    • Patenting strategies—for novel ideas
    • Trademarking strategies—for branding
    • Copyright strategies—for original expressions/work for hire
    • Internet and domain name strategies
  • Acquiring IP strategies and means
    • IP due diligence, validity, mining
    • IP landscaping and
    • Claims coverage mapping
  • Monetizing IP rights
    • IP valuating strategies
    • Transferring/licensing/managing IP portfolios
    • Transaction negotiating strategies


  • Patenting novel concepts and ideas
  • Trademarking commercial names and symbols
  • Copyrighting original works
  • Establishing Trade secret procedures
  • Sharing IP while preserving rights
  • Mitigating  third-party IP treats
  • Ownership of IP rights of continuing developments
  • Contract-based protections
  • Getting it right the first time


  • Practice preventative law
  • IP holding entities
  • Low risk business entities for holding IP
  • Preserving your priority to IP rights
  • Preserving IP rights in government contracts
  • Anti-counterfeiting tactics