Telecommunications Law

Telecommunications Law

 Legally informed decisions that promote growth while managing and mitigating risk

Telecommunications providers and users are challenged with many issues—some legal in nature—some critical in time and place—all specialized and unique to telecom. We listen and support our telecommunications clients, formulating strategies for overcoming those challenges. We guide you through many complexities of developing and delivering telecommunications solutions. If your needs center on obtaining or providing telecom services or their underlying implementation or regulatory or land-use issues—Keeling Law Offices can help you make legally informed decisions that promote growth while managing and mitigating risk.

Trust Keeling Law Offices to listen and provide seasoned legal advice that is focused to your telecommunications needs. We provide a free initial consult to ensure we understand your issues, specific needs while best positioning to provide you professional advice.


  • Devising Unique End User Solutions
    • Specifying/negotiating telecommunications services
    • Leveraging strategies/aggregation strategies
    • Regulatory compliance
  • Content Provider Solutions
    • Titling your intellectual property
    • Validity/value of intellectual property of others
    • Licensing issues/negotiations
    • Leveraging content within multiple delivery/pay channels
    • Leveraging Internet/mobility attributes and freedoms
  • Telecom Provider Solutions
    • Startup concerns/competitive opportunities/time-to-market strategies
    • Middle-mile/last-mile /dark fiber leveraging strategies
    • Licensing/certification strategies
    • Facilities/$CAPEX minimizing solutions
    • Strategies for  interconnections/meet-me’s/IRUs
    • Land use/rights of way/easements/sittings/permitting strategies
    • Negotiating horizontal and vertical ROW/pole attachments
    • Environmental/archaeological reviews
    • Reporting solutions—state and federal
    • Leveraging regulatory status for public ROW/pole access
    • Leveraging inter-carrier agreements


  • Transactional means
    • Contracts with remedies
    • Dispute resolution
  • Regulatory certification/compliance
    • Regulatory approvals
    • Administrative proceedings
  • Legal means
    • Mediations
    • Arbitrations


  • Reviewing critical issues-in a changing environment
    • Business/legal landscape
    • Regulatory limits and opportunities
    • Monetizing opportunities
  • Updating transactions
    • Land use transactions
    • Wholesale providers
    • End users
  • Litigation—if necessary
    • Compliance
    • Transactions
    • Property rights