Risk Management

How do you manage risky behavior and protecting your legacy from lawsuits?

Can you actively manage your risk, while working towards your life goals?

Some manage their risk of loss with insurance. While some of you manage risk of loss by just working hard, saving ten percent of all earnings and not overextending yourself.

Life has risk even when you believe no risks are taken. Accidents happen, people get sick, storms damage homes, people are injured by others and loss can occur at any time.

Keeling Law Offices works closely with your CPA or accountant and your insurance agent to ensure your assets are titled managing taxable events and preventing unnecessary loss. Our methodology is comprehensive by reviewing each asset, how it is titled, what inherent risks are associated (rental property, trapeze in your backyard, owning wild animals, family business) with the asset.

This article is intended to generally inform the reader – but not as specific recommendation for any client. Always consult an attorney for help in making the right decision for you.

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