Preserving Client Outcomes

We at Keeling Law Offices focus to preserving those outcomes that are valuable to our clients. Preserving activities generally are critical last steps of our engagements—which we design for assuring desired outcomes. Preserving activities vary depending client objectives.

The art of preserving always focuses to maintaining that which is valuable

However, the art of preserving always focuses to maintaining that which is valuable to our client while safeguarding against undesired outcomes. Often our preservation strategies, tactics, and artifacts are transactional in nature. They can involve third parties such as trustees, conservators and the courts. Example preservation artifacts are provided below.

Business Law Clients


  • Shareholder value
  • Management flexibility
  • Asset preservation

Estate Planning and Elder Law


  • Maintaining your legal documents
  • Estate preservation of value and heirlooms
  • Special needs trusts for quality of life with major medical care
  • Powers of Attorney, temporary and permanent
  • Revocable living trusts
  • Irrevocable trusts
  • Dynasty and Life Insurance Trusts
  • Living wills
  • Beneficiary deeds and Life Estate Deeds
  • Crummey Letters



  • Reviewing Critical Cyber-Issues In A Changing Environment
    • Business/legal landscape
    • Regulatory limits and opportunities
    • Cyber-risk indemnifying opportunities
  • Reinforcing User-Level Transactions
    • Network-risk reduced transactions
    • Cloud SAAS provider safeguards
    • End user envelopes
  • Litigation—if necessary
    • Compliance
    • Transactions
    • Cyber-rights

Cloud Computing Law


  • Policies, Standards, and Procedures
  • Cloud Contracts
  • Business Associate Matters
  • Compliance
  • Cyber-insurance
  • Breach Response

Telecommunications Law


  • Reviewing critical issues-in a changing environment
    • Business/legal landscape
    • Regulatory limits and opportunities
    • Monetizing opportunities
  • Updating transactions
    • Land use transactions
    • Wholesale providers
    • End users
  • Litigation—if necessary
    • Compliance
    • Transactions
    • Property rights