Protecting Client Outcomes

Once we have innovated unique solutions for our client’s needs, we at Keeling Law Offices swing into protection mode. This phase involves strategy and tactics.

implementing our client’s best-of-class solutions while fitting within available schedule and budget

We organize each client’s solutions around known implementation strategies. We generate documents and related artifacts that effectively enable the strategies. Sometimes this involves court actions. Sometimes mere negotiations and documentation. Together, these strategies, tactics, and artifacts enable Keeling Law Offices implementing our client’s best-of-class solutions while fitting within available schedule and budget. Some important artifacts are listed below.

Business Law Clients


  • Business startups—types of organizational entities
    • CA Corporations/LLCs—starting a business in CA
    • Nonprofits
  • Operating agreements—with conflict resolution means
  • Non-compete and non-disclosure agreements
  • Risk managing within organizational structures
  • Risk managing when negotiating deals
  • Risk managing partner conflict
  • Transaction-based contracts—with remedies

Estate Planning and Elder Law


  • Estate protection
  • Family business, real estate in multiple states/countries, transferring with minimal cost
  • Conservatorships—children and elders
  • Guardianships—children and elders
  • Transferring property by Will or Trust
  • Singles, couples, partners, children, blended families, special needs, disabilities

CyberSecurity Law


  • Enabling Transactional Means
    • Contracts with remedies
    • Dispute resolution
  • Defining Regulatory Certification/Compliance Means
    • Regulatory approvals
    • Regulatory proceedings
  • Implementing Legal Safe-Guards
    • Service Provider Breach Costs of security breach caused by a third party service provider, such as software-as-a-service (“SAAS”), platform-as-a-service (“PAAS”) or other “cloud” provider
    • Third-party network security and privacy liability
    • Third-party employee privacy liability
    • Third-party electronic media liability

Cloud Computing Law


  • Policies, Standards, and Procedures
  • Cloud Contracts
  • Business Associate Matters
  • Compliance
  • Cyber-insurance
  • Breach Response

Telecommunications Law


  • Transactional means
    • Contracts with remedies
    • Dispute resolution
  • Regulatory certification/compliance
    • Regulatory approvals
    • Administrative proceedings
  • Legal means
    • Mediation
    • Arbitration