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What do I do when somebody dies?

Download your complimentary copy below. The most important task is to protect the assets. A person’s assets are unique like a finger print. The assets may include multiple financial accounts, insurance, intellectual property (recipes, trademark, invention), real property (residential, commercial, agriculture, mineral leasehold interests in multiple states or countries), pets, collections, vehicles, guns, furniture, photographs or tools for example. First forward mail to the Executor, ensure homeowner’s insurance carrier is notified to protect the real property, ensure the vehicles are insured, secure property that is either irreplaceable or valuable, and locate all the estate planning documents to determine the authority given by the decedent. Then inventory the estate of all items and how they are titled.

If you have real property you must keep the utilities on for selling the property, but may turn off telephone, cable and internet. There are many tasks, but this gets you started. Call us for any referral services. Check our eBook on What to do when a person dies.  Download it here:

What to do when a person dies

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