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ebook-what-to-do-when-a-person-dies image | eBook - What to do When a Person Dies

What do I do when somebody dies?


Download your complimentary copy below. The most important task is to protect the assets. A person’s assets are unique like a finger print. The assets may include multiple financial accounts, insurance, intellectual property (recipes, trademark, invention), real property (residential, commercial, agriculture, mineral leasehold interests in multiple states or countries), pets, collections, vehicles, guns, furniture, photographs […]


Long-Term Care: Who-What-When-Why-How


WHO should purchase long term care insurance? Everybody should have a policy to defray the costs of long term care WHAT happens if you don’t purchase long term care insurance? You spend your legacy on long term care. WHEN should you purchase long term care insurance? When you are eligible and can afford the insurance. […]


Risk Management


How do you manage risky behavior and protecting your legacy from lawsuits? Can you actively manage your risk, while working towards your life goals? Some manage their risk of loss with insurance. While some of you manage risk of loss by just working hard, saving ten percent of all earnings and not overextending yourself. Life […]